GW2 Account: Good / Bad Guild

GW2 Account: Good / Bad Guild

Last time we talked about what are the benefits of joining a guild in Guild Wars 2 that also is true to, if not all, most MMORPG out there. Now, let’s tackle on how to distinguish a good guild and separate it from a bad guild.

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How can you say that a guild is a bad one? It is easy but at the same time hard. It is really confusing to be honest and one’s opinion may vary from another player on this topic. Here are some of my general definitions of a bad guild:

  • Too many members – if you are looking for an end game group and expecting them to be your guildmates, having too many members in that guild is problematic. Most of the time only one main raiding team is active in a guild and it will be chaos among members who will be a part of it. This won’t happen if your guildmaster is great in handling in this kind of stuff but most likely, guildmaster will often let the members decide on this issue.


  • Silent guild – not all guilds will be as socially active as you are expecting. Yes, there are 10 people online but no one is actually chatting/speaking, then it is pretty useless. The feeling will be empty and you wouldn’t want to stay there too long. It’s as if you are not in a guild.


  • Unhelpful members – this is somehow related to the guild being silent. Asking for help in a guild and you find yourself ignored because nobody wanted to help you by not responding, tendency is you will not ask for help any time soon or worse, never again. It will be fruitless on staying on such a guild

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By determining the general “no’s” of a bad guild, we can easily define what a good guild is.

  • Organized – Guildmaster or someone who acts as manager of the guild that is good in managing and coordinating guild members on how things go, who belongs to which team, what raid will you try to finish this weekly lockout, etc.
  • Very social active guild – if you read the previous article, being a member of socially active guild is super fun. There is always a lovely greeting awaiting for you when you login, warm goodbyes if you’re going to logout and anything in between that, someone to speak to inside a guild makes it really good
  • Very helpful members – this is one of the essence of a guild. Guild members helping each other out in any way possible. From tips to actually running with you in dungeons and quests, you can get through MMO’s with very supportive guildmates

Now that you have an idea of what a good guild and a bad guild is, go find yourself one and enjoy Guild Wars 2 more!

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