Guild wars 2 gold alternative is your Karma Points

Guild wars 2 gold alternative is your Karma Points

Karma is another form of currency that can be spent on like guild wars 2 gold but there are small differences on them.


Karma is currency but not like Guild wars 2 gold

Karma is also a currency in-game however it cannot be acquire the way you get gw2 gold. Karma points can be get NOT directly from killing monsters and other creatures in game, but you will get it by completing dynamic events, renown objectives and such. This karma points may be used to purchase some items that may help you with your gw2 gold but you cannot use it to purchase gw2 items on the trading post.


Get be earn from:

–          Dynamic Events

–          Renown objectives

–          WvW objectives

–          Map exploring

–          Daily and Monthy Achievements


Purchase for:

  • Crating Materials
  • Gathering Tools
  • Salvage Kits
  • Transmutation Stones
  • Rare Armor and Weapons

Difference between badges of Honors, Guild wars 2 gold and Karma Points

Badges of Honors are being use for World versus world gameplay. This may not be use like gw2 gold or karma does, but badges of honors can be use to spend on siege weapons blueprints instead of Gw2 gold. This Badges of Honors is also being use to purchase high priority items such as trait training manuals and/or armor repairs.


The forms of Badges of Honors is like gw2 items, so if you’ll be going for a world versus world activity then better have a slot ready to avoid missing on looting. It is recommended to think carefully about spending this currency, if the item you wanted to buy isn’t that expensive then better purchase it with guild wars 2 gold.


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