Guild wars 2 account Guide for A Warrior Roamer Type (part 1)

Guild wars 2 account Guide for A Warrior Roamer Type (part 1)

Guild wars 2 account guide for a warrior roamer type will help newly bought gw2 account to make their roaming type warrior. Things need to know are Weapons and skills, traits, stats specifics and effects, Food, armor, trinkets and upgrade items. More guides will be revealed.

guild wars 2 account hammer

HAMtastic build for your new guild wars 2 account Warrior

This build is designed for a quick and efficient against their opponent for both solo and party roaming situation. HAMtastic builds are heavily offensive build designed for prolonged fights and they have enough damage evasion and may be able to survive in heavy combat.

Weapon and Skill. Weapon to use for this build is Hammer for damage with greatsword as another source of Damage and utility. For prolonged combats, healing signet is required, while signet of rage is use fror adrenaline generation from passive effect and damage boost from might and fury. Balanced Stance and Endure Pain act as defensive cooldowns when they are needed. For opening combat, Bulls Charge is used..

Traits. There are 4 traits needed for successful HAMtastic buil; Strength, defense, tactics and discipline. Strength is being use to boost your offensive capabilities. Defense is for your character’s defensive aspect. Tactics use to prevent your targets for dodging your attacks. Discipline contains a number of damage and utility to boost your HAMtastic Build.

Stats and Effect. For team play situation, this may provide you with combo finishers, the most powerful of these being Earthshaker’s blast finisher .

Next part of this guide will be posted on the next entry. For more guide on your newly buy guild wars 2 account, follow this blog.

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