[Guide] Trading Posts for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters Part 1

[Guide] Trading Posts for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters Part 1

Guild Wars 2 has its own entire economy. There are buyers and sellers of different kinds of goods, items, Guild Wars 2 gold and whatnot going around through trade and commerce. As players and gw2 gold holders, it is important that you get to know the Trading Post because this is where it all circulates. Read on below for more information.


The Black Lion Trading Post for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

The Black Lion Trading Post is the hub of Tyria’s entire economy. This is where thousands of gw2 gold passes through, where deals are made, business is done and an endless supply of money making opportunities. The Guild Wars 2 economy is shared globally with every US and EU server accessing the exact same Trading Post as everyone else. It is truly the heart and center of the Guild Wars 2 economy, no matter where you are.

The Basics of Trading Posts for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

To be able to access the Trading Post simple click on the “O” on your keyboard. Alternatively you can visit any of the many black lion Trader’s scattered all over Tyria. Once the Interface opens, you will see the initial page displaying some useful information about the game’s top traded, supplied, demanded and valued items. It is important that you pay attention to these things as this is where you learn which is hot in the market. The market changes constantly.

You may pick up an item or collect your gold from the Trading Post by visiting a Black Lion Trader in person and use the “pick up” tab on the Trading Post interface.

Trading Post Taxes for Guild Wars 2 Gold Hunters

Listing Fee

A 5% tax is imposed whenever an item is put up on the Trading Post. This fee is called the Listing Fee and is non refundable, even if the item is removed without being sold. The reason behind the imposed fee is to discourage people from using the Trading Post as an unlimited bank account and to add an additional gold sink into the game.

Selling Fee

Additionally, when an item has been sold on the Trading Post, a 10% tax is imposed and is automatically removed from the selling price. The fee only applies when the item has been sold.

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