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Guild Wars 2 Gold Not Dead

Guild Wars 2 Gold Not Dead

I have played a handful of games that literally died after I quitted playing it. For example, I was so addicted to Myth War, a turn-based MMORPG. I literally didn’t sleep just to play that game in my early college days. But there came the point that the game became so boring. People I played and grouped up daily didn’t login that much as well. So I thought about it, looking back, it was time to let go of the game. I did let go because it was dying. And it did. So I guess I have this skill in determining if the game is dying, I must quit before it really does. In relation to Guild Wars 2, is it dying or dead? My Guild Wars 2 Gold would be pretty much useless now if the game is dying. Let’s find out from people in Reddit.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: People Answered

I have consulted Reddit to see what people think and thank goodness there is a thread already for the topic. I know I have the ability to foresee if the game is dying but the thing is for GW2, I like the game so much that I might be being blinded by my bias that I don’t want it to die.

People generally assume any game they don’t play is dead.

This is absolutely true. Many people just comment or say that a game is dead because it is dead “for them”. Even if there is no truth with that claim, they still comment that it is dying or dead because they just don’t play the game.

The comment that is really on point is this one:

Everyone who plays MMOs say stuff like this. For example just because you quit guild wars 2 doesn’t mean everyone did. People like to think everyone thinks like them so when they get board of an MMO and stop playing it, they say that the MMO is dead. To them that is.

Just like everyone said WOW is dead, or Starwars, or ESO. All of those games have tons of players (in the millions) so they are far from dead. Only MMOs that are dead are the ones that shut down.

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So yeah, GW2 isn’t dead, there are just a lot of haters, I guess. Good to know that I won’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold so I can give them away to people as thanks for the fun memories in the game. We can still continue in making fun times in GW2!

Guild Wars 2 Gold Talk

Guild Wars 2 Gold Talk

It has been awhile that the emote, /talk and requested fix is in conversation. Honestly, I don’t really notice this type of detail in an MMORPG like Guild Wars 2 but if I do, I don’t really mind them not being perfect. After all, it is hard for developers to actually make animation. What more on making super fine actions and facial expressions, right? Don’t get me wrong though, it is cool for me that people who have little tolerance to this because they have high attention to detail. I also think this is a Guild Wars 2 gold type of discussion.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: New Version

There was this nice dude to keep us updated on the new /talk emote in the game and even made or linked comparisons on how it looks now. Here is the post by Charrikayu in Reddit:

 I’ve been begging for new emotes for a long time now, and I’m so happy they’ve finally arrived. I love them all with one exception: /talk, at least on Charr, uses a different animation that what’s already been in the game since launch.

Here’s the player:

Here’s the NPC:

A side-by-side:

I don’t hate the /talk we have now, but I find it odd that we had a really nice, already animated /talk that’s for more expressive, while the one we got seems to have been crafted anew, and also is much more slouched and simple.

I’m not sure if this goes for other races as well, it’s possible NPCs of humans, asura, etc all have their own /talks that are different from players as well.

Any chance we could upgrade to the nicer /talk, or get like a /argue or something instead in order to make it available? It’s my favorite ’emote’ in the game.

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For me, honestly, I don’t really mind on how they look right now. There are limitations to game engine as well though I am not sure if this is one of the case. I would buy Guild Wars 2 gold for the guy who can confirm this. LOL jk. Seriously though, game devs can spend more time on something else rather than this one. How about you, what do you think? Let us know!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Going Back

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Going Back

It is normal for a player to take a break from an awesome game like Guild Wars 2. From being an all-day player to “two to three hours a day” one because of who knows what real life responsibility you have to do. We all have experienced that, right? Well, if you haven’t, I am pretty sure you will unless you are a pretty rich person that has no responsibility coming your way. That would be infinite time for you to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Example

Going back, what is worse than limited time playing the game you play all day is not being able to play at all. Normally, when you get into a hiatus, it would be at least a year’s duration. That would lead to you not knowing what is going on in the game, like this dude posting in Reddit:

Hi Reddit.

Back in the days, I have played the game quite excessively. I have played quite a bit of the Fractals and completed 100% of the main game exploration.

The last thing I remember is, that most of the people either played fractals, farmed the gold efficient fire dungeon, or farmed specific events and enemies for legendary ingredients.

Has this changed a lot? What should be the first thing I do, when I log in? Has the class balance changed a lot over time? (My PvE character is a guardian, but I have experience with every class in PvP)

So yeah, you know you have been gone in the game for so long when someone actually commented this:

Almost everything has changed since 2012. My advice, go and start fresh as a new player. Enjoy! \o/

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It would be the worst feeling if you realized that the gold you saved up before you quit can’t buy anything anymore and you have to buy Guild Wars 2 gold because of the inflation. Unless there was no inflation within four years of being away in the game.

Best of luck to MisterFlames in going back to GW2. Glad you’re back!



Last time, I shared to you guys the fifth part of the guide for newcomers in Guild Wars 2. Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interested in the recommendations on how to level, get Guild Wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The fifth part can be found here.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Once you hit level 80, everything becomes really fun as you’ll be able to go for more specific goals, do raids, do the full collection of dungeons and fractals, participate in all the world bosses, some requiring collective effort such as Tequatl, complete living world seasons, farm for masteries, explore the new Heart of Thorns content, and learn your new specialization which advances your class to gain more skills and traits.

Lastly, joining a guild or creating a guild of your own can make the game a lot more fun as more of the game will become open and relevant to you. You’ll be able to take part in guild missions, claiming your guild hall, leveling up your guild hall, decorating your guild hall, and much more!

And that’s pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed this guide, and found it helpful. If you did, I can also make a level 80 guide too! Check below for specific helpful links that are useful concerning world boss timers, crafting guides, and other helpful resources every GW2 player should know.

Here are some more added guides and tools in making things easier in GW2.

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World Boss Timers:

Dungeon Guides:

Crafting Guides:

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Gold Making Guides:

Top 12 Other Most Useful Sites & Tools:

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Now that you’re well informed on things to come in Guild Wars 2, no more gold problems. No need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and reaching max level will be a breeze! Enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 3

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 3

Last time, I shared to you guys the second part of the guide for newcomers in Guild Wars 2. Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interest in the recommendations on how to level, get guild wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The first part can be found here.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Guild Wars 2 Gold, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold

Pre-level 40 or so it can seem like a grind, but if you take your time exploring the world, and enjoying the game you’ll have fun; and if you have a friend to do it with you it can be more enjoyable. If you want to switch starting areas, take the Lion’s Arch portal in your home city, and go to the other races’ starting areas, this is a great way to do map completion or change your environment a bit. Map completion and experience gain also works for the cities, so find all the waypoints, vistas, and points of interests there too. Everything in the game gives you experience, so always gather every resource node you cross, revive every player you see dead near you, and complete every event you cross.

With some map completion and your personal story, it shouldn’t be long till your level 20-25. From here you can continue to do map completion in some of the higher level zones or continue your personal story. Apart from that however, it’d be a good idea to start looking at crafting, PVP, and Edge of the Mists as well. All those materials you’ve deposited from gathering and salvaging can now be used to craft and can also gain you experience to level up. If you have the necessary materials you can gain levels actually quite fast, faster than map completion and personal story even. If you don’t have the materials, use the trading post to buy them.

This is the time you will be starting to earn some gold but if you still need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, you are freely to do so to easily craft and level up faster.


Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 2

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 2

Hello newcomers to Guild Wars 2! Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interest in the recommendations on how to level, get guild wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The first part can be found here.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Whenever you have the chance to do so, look for the green star on your map and top right corner of the screen to continue to advance the personal story. Your first run through the personal story can be interesting and fun, and gives you experience and levels really fast. At a certain point you’ll be gated from the remaining story until your high enough level again. If you’re ever lost and don’t know what to do, look in your Hero panel, find the Story Journal and see if you can continue your personal story and go to the green star on the map. This is the fastest way to level up. In between story quests you’re best off just roaming the map and finding points of interests, waypoints, vistas, hero points, and completing hearts. Look for orange circles as well on the map, these are dynamic events, and grant good amounts of experience as well.

At level 11, you’ll be able to use hero points to unlock new traits and skills. Don’t worry too much about what skills and traits are the best for your class; from now until level 80 is the time where you want to experiment with different skills, different weapons, and different armor stats to find your playstyle.

If you go into the PVP lobby by clicking the double sword icon, you can go to a merchant in the Heart of the Mists and buy all the weapons that are available to your class and try them out on the golems or class NPCs. Again, you’ll be boosted to level 80 and have all the skills and traits unlocked, but don’t worry too much about that just yet. If you do want to take an in-depth look at all the things available to you, perhaps you can even try your luck at playing PVP if you found a great combination of skills, traits, and gear setup. PVP will grant you Tomes of Knowledge that will grant you one level. If you’re not ready for PVP yet and just came here to try out the weapons then you can head back out.

Guild Wars 2 Gold, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold

You still aren’t forced to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold at this stage since you won’t be needing much gold. Still, you are free to do so if you are capable of doing so. We will continue on the next write-up.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Final Part

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Final Part

We have come to the last part of one of the developer’s post with regards to his experience with ArenaNet and his relationship with the company. It has been truly a blessing to have read this coming from someone inside the company of the game we love to play. This type of material cannot be equated to any amount of Guild Wars 2 gold!

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Enjoy!

This last part makes me want to buy Guild wars 2 gold and give away to everyone in my server! Here is the last part:

I’ve spent over a decade at my home at ArenaNet; first the building sinking into the swamp, and now the shiny new building on the hill. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the time I’ve spent, or more humbled by the trust put in me. My departure to take on a new challenge elsewhere shouldn’t be a sad day, it’s a day to celebrate new opportunities. I’ve been blessed with the chance to do so much at ArenaNet – and now new people who probably have better heads on their shoulders than I do will get new opportunities. It’s an opportunity for developers to move into new roles they’ve never been in before, for new designers like I was once to get to take chances, and for ArenaNet to support them taking chances the same way it has supported me.

I have loved my time at ArenaNet. I loved my time working with the amazing teams and developers over the many years that really deserve far more credit than they ever receive for the work they do. I love this amazing Guild Wars community. I’ve met so many of you over the years at conventions, talked with you in game, discussed ideas through forums, and read the letters you’ve sent to our office – your passion is simply unmatched. To the ArenaNet team and to the entire community who without which there would be no game at all, it has been an absolute pleasure building games alongside you.

Thank you to everyone for the amazing memories, all of you and the Guild Wars franchise will hold a place in my heart forever.

Thank you also for sharing us your experience with ArenaNet. Hopefully this is true to all of the employees in the company as well. You did a great job in working on what we are enjoying right now. Thank you!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

If you have read the last article, I shared to you the first part of the letter of one of the earliest programmers of Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 gold material here. Enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Second Part

I knew it was a special place when I was immediately made a part of the family. No one ever treated me like an outsider who came in for the final months, I was made to feel like a true part of the team who was helping make something great and it was clear to me I had found a home. Shortly after the launch of Guild Wars, the company banded together to work on the most fun project I’ve ever been a part of in my gaming career: a free update to the game called Sorrow’s Furnace. So much pure joy and love was poured into that little update and most importantly the amazing friends who I got to work with on it will last with me forever.

As a game designer on Guild Wars ArenaNet continued to support me and let me take chances on wild ideas like a Mad King who told jokes for Halloween (thanks for the jokes James!), an iron forgeman, rollerbeetle racing, a Grenth vs. Dwayna wintersday battle, dwarven boxing, Polymock, mimes galore, bog beasts, glint’s challenge, siege turtles, journey’s with Koss, a dungeon full of snowmen, an Elonan party, a lunar iron chef battle and so many more fun projects I can’t begin to remember them all. They took a chance on me again when they let me become the quest design lead for the Eye of the North (I love you team quest!). In my final project before moving to the Guild Wars 2 team, they took one last roll of the dice and give me a shot at being the lead designer of the bonus mission pack.

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Amazing. I have always assumed that a programmer would be like a robot towards the company they are working for, emotionless. I always think that they just do their job and that would be enough. It is refreshing to read this part that ArenaNet values the growth of their programmers and let them work freely within the boundaries of the project. Cool stuff. You would buy Guild Wars 2 gold for this kind of information and we got it for free!

To be continued…

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reliving the Good News

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reliving the Good News

As the internet is filled with only complaints and hate posts about Guild Wars 2, I tried to search for some positive news about the MMORPG. Swimming through all the Guild Wars 2 Gold spams like “Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold”, I saw something that I can’t believe I didn’t know for the longest time (almost two years now).

This Made Me Smile

As a fan and player of Guild Wars 2, this wonderful news made my day brighter. It is a pearl on a sea of rocks. I saw this on a post from Reddit and here’s the good news:

Guild Wars® 2 Fastest-Selling MMOG in History

Phenomenal European and North American Sales Set Record-Breaking

Benchmark for Western Massively Multiplayer Online Games

BELLEVUE Wash. – 16th Aug, 2013: ArenaNet™, developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, and DFC Intelligence, a strategic market research and consulting firm focused on interactive entertainment, today announced that Guild Wars 2 ranks as the all-time fastest selling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in Europe North America and Europe, with territorial sales topping more than 3 million in the first nine months of availability.

“After triangulating against multiple data sources, it’s clear that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling Western MMO of all time based on the first nine months of availability”, said analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence. “This puts Guild Wars 2 in an impressive position when they release in China, where we’ve seen similar franchises really take off”.

Guild Wars 2 is expected to experience rapid growth once it releases in China, where the player-base has the potential to exceed that of the West. To bring Guild Wars 2 to China, ArenaNet has partnered with KongZhong Corporation, a leading Chinese provider of digital entertainment services.

ArenaNet also announced a free trial for players looking to experience what millions of others are already enjoying. New players can create an account starting today and participate in a free trial from Fri., Aug. 23 (12:01am PDT) through Sun., Aug. 25. (11:59pm PDT). Players can register for free trial accounts here:

For more details about Guild Wars 2, visit

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Yup! Guild Wars 2 holds the record for the fastest-selling MMO in history now. That pretty much affirms how it was anticipated two years and is still played by players all over the world. Cheers to this and more power to Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Bad Names and Behaviors

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Bad Names and Behaviors

Assuming we are all adults or at least have experience playing MMORPG, we all have an idea on what not to do in the game. For Guild Wars 2, there are also set of rules that have to be followed. We are quite ignorant to these because it’s either we didn’t read it or just passed by it and ignored it. So if ever there is something that we did against the policies of Guild Wars 2, ignorance wouldn’t be an excuse.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reminder from ArenaNet

This might be an old post coming from ArenaNet but it is still in good practice that we get reminded by it especially in creating character names and behaving inside the game. Here is the original reminder posted by ArenaNetSupportTeam from Reddit:

We want to clear up some of the confusion about GW2 name and behavior suspensions. To keep Guild Wars 2 a pleasant place to be, we take action against racist names, hate speech, and other unacceptable behavior. We have suspended some accounts involved in the use of offensive character names or inappropriate chat. The number of account blocks is miniscule: less than .001% of our total player base.

When an account is blocked for a chat offense, the account is given a three-day suspension. When an account is blocked for an offensive name, the player is required to rename the character name and, in most cases, the account is also given a three-day suspension.

We have reviewed all the name suspensions currently in place. Where we could give some leeway, we removed the account suspension, which will allow those players to rename the character and rejoin the game. However, for substantially offensive names, we will keep the full three-day suspensions in effect.

In a few posts on Reddit and on fan forums, players have claimed they were suspended for using a harmless-sounding character name, when in fact they were suspended for a different and truly offensive character name on their account. Others claimed that they were not told why they were suspended, but the game does give a message that states the reason for the suspension. In every case we have double-checked, the action taken on the account was appropriate.

However, we’d like to clear up any misconceptions. If you think you were unfairly suspended, or if you’d like to know the specific chat or character name that got you suspended, post your character name and we’ll reply in graphic detail with the reason for the block. Warning: NSFW ahead!

You can read our name policy here. You can get a lot of good info about GW2 support policies in this doc.

guild wars 2 pvp

Buy GW2 Gold

It is a good way to remind ourselves that even though living a life in the digital world, we still have to concern ourselves with the rules and regulations since there are other people as well playing the game. They might find it offensive or worse, they might feel that Guild Wars 2 is not a fun and safe environment anymore due to lack of application of the rules.