Help for GW2 Gold

Help for GW2 Gold

There’s nothing wrong when you come into a point in playing MMORPG that you don’t know anything, especially when there is a new expansion. Everything’s new, there are a lot of addition in the game that you don’t have an idea about. For example, Guild Wars 2 and Heart of Thorns; you won’t immediately grasp the new stuff in it right? Like how to earn GW2 gold efficiently, etc.. So it’s okay when you come across this point.

GW2 Gold: For Example

Let’s take it like hydrospanner in Reddit. He didn’t something in GW2 HoT and that’s why he asked:

First, I just don’t understand the Mastery system…how or why it works, what the points do…anything. I’ve read the wiki and it just confuses me. Somehow I ended up with a glider, but beyond that, no idea. I guess when you fill the yellow bar you get a mastery point? Can you use it wherever you like or does it automatically go toward a pre-scripted section? Can you advance the HoT tracks through Central Tyria content?

Second, while I’m fine with things getting a little more difficult, this jump basically made things unplayable for me. If it’s just a matter of “you’re not good enough at the game” then while I guess I have to accept that, I’m also going to see if there’s any way to return HoT electronically, because this is ridiculous. Every mob I encounter, I have basically a 50% or better chance of dying, no matter what the enemy is. Pocket raptor packs I do okay with, but the moment a smokescale pops up, I’m to the point where I don’t even try. I just wait around until I can waypoint away because I’ve never once been able to get one to even 50% health (or even been able to run away). Then, when I waypoint back, there’s even been a few times where, within seconds of arriving at the waypoint, some kind of monster there instantly kills me and I’ve got to relocate again.

While I can understand a challenge increase, this, for my level of play at least, is just ridiculous. It’s not fun, it’s not a challenge, it’s just dying every 5-10 minutes and sneaking around enemies and avoiding all combat. In comparison, in Central Tyria, I had no problems negotiating Frostgorge, Orr, etc. It just seems like the HoT jungle was designed to be impossible to play alone, that you need a group to access any of the open world without constant death.

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The guild in Guild Wars doesn’t stop on your own guild. Let’s make it a point to help everyone including hydrospanner. Who knows, he might buy GW2 gold for you!

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