GW2 Gold WvW News

GW2 Gold WvW News

Here I am again, lurking in the magical world of Reddit, found another interesting topic that is a frequent question in Guild Wars 2. Is WvW in Guild Wars 2 enough reason to come back to the game. GW2 Gold question right there. People usually quit because of one reason, whatever that may be. Yes, it is enough to quit one game because of one stupid reason a player wouldn’t like in a game. Two of the many reasons can be either there is an imbalance in the game that the devs wouldn’t fix or the game just became boring. This I will share to you somewhat covers both.

GW2 Gold Question

Here is the post that sparked my topic:

I used to be a very active WvW player on Far Shiverpeaks.
I did however decide to take a break right after the HoT release, since WvW was turning into a broken, unbalanced and unrewarding mess.
I haven’t returned since, along with most of the server which went inactive protesting the WvW changes.

I kind of want to get back into the game due to the raids, and i miss the WvW action.

So; is WvW fixed? Has there been any major improvements since the HoT release?
Does anyone know how active FSP is?

thanks in advance 🙂

This was posted by addol95 in Reddit.

Great comments quickly responded to the post and I found most interesting is this one by joyb27:

Well anet has started seeking feedback on changes for wvw. They’re going to have both alpine and desert bls at the same time soon, are trialling repair hammers and experimenting with server links (fsp is linked with vabbi atm) to boost populations.

Fsp is also currently 5th and has a high population, so with the link is say it’s pretty active (probably not the most but definitely not dead).

Before reverting to alpine there were some pretty major fixes to desert too.

There are also reward tracks now, like in pvp but they take about 8hrs to complete. It feels more rewarding overall now.

I think with anet seeking community feedback and using it, wvw is in a better place than it has been for a long time.

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So, stay put, buy GW2 Gold to be used in the game to reinforce your standing in the game and be ready for the WvW updates!

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