GW2 Gold: Would You?

GW2 Gold: Would You?

Are you too keen about animations that one slight animation that is off, you will report immediately report to the developers of the game? What I mean is, even if there’s no problem really to the animation (bugs or anything), you just don’t like it and you think there can be a better animation. Well, for me, I notice some like in Guild Wars 2 but I don’t report or send feedbacks. It is for the developers and animation department to make them as beautiful and appropriate as possible, like, uh, GW2 gold.

GW2 Gold: Example

Here is an example of a player that is affected by little details on the animation. I don’t know though if he reported that certain animation because it wasn’t for him (his taste).

 Almost 2 years ago, on 17 July 2014, I made a post called “Default Character Animations Spoil It All!” on the official forums with two screenshots attached:

Zephyrite’s ships have crashed, and Morning just died in front of Marjory. Obviously, that’s the best time for Marjory to check if her hair looks alright!

Marjory’s sister is dead, and Kasmeer is delivering the sad news to the rest of the team. Must not be such a big deal, though, as she’s casually stretching herself.

Usually I’m the last person to complain about immersion in video games, but default idle animations like these were designed to make characters look attractive and somewhat “hot”. So it’s not at all surprising that it looks utterly jarring in completely inappropriate situations, which we have a lot (and will have more every 2 weeks) in the new LS S2.

I suggest adding another “neutral” set of animations for all races and genders (at least females) which can be used in story instances and similar situations. As a semi-solution, this set may even be a part of the usual animation with the most “casual” parts cut out.

So… I am afraid that I am the exact reason that these animations ever got disabled.

At that time I didn’t know the “monkey’s paw” principle at which ANet delivered the wishes and thought that toggling animations on and off was a simple change. I am truly sorry.

That is it.

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I would’ve said “Go buy GW2 gold if animations get even shittier in GW2 because of this” because I would make him pay me big bucks. Why? He owes us for his stupidity, I guess? Too harsh?

What do you guys think? Let us know!

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