GW2 Gold: Why?

GW2 Gold: Why?

Ever reached a point in playing an MMORPG that it made you think “why am I still playing this game?” Let’s say in Guild Wars 2. Do you still farm for GW2 Gold which you won’t spend anyways? Farming for stuff aimlessly and later realize that you are just wasting time?

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Someone from Reddit actually predicted this and asked the Guild Wars 2 subreddit about it:

I haven’t played in a very very long time. I want to come back to this game because I loved it at first, but there seemed to be no progression system to keep me hooked. I’ve always wondered what people do at endgame if there’s no gear upgrades, so what do you guys do? Genuinely curious because I want to try the game out again, but I feel like I’ll just reach endgame again and get bored.

There have been a swarm of replies considering I saw the post only two hours after being posted. There this one that actually I think answered it the best:

Pick goals and go for them. In my case it’s usually skins or legendaries not stats. If you think numbers going up are actually progression, they’re really not…in most games anyway. Because everything goes up with you and you end up with the illusion of progression. You’ve bought into that.

In this game progression is skill progression. You get better at playing what you have. You learn better technique. Can you solo dungeons. Can you solo them faster? That’s real progression not just numbers.

But if you make legendaries, and complete collections and follow the stories to completion, get some achievements done, there’s plenty to do here.

And it’s all progression. Filling in wardrobe slots makes as much sense as raising stats.

Edit: Oh yeah my guild is also a big part of why I keep playing. I’m always having fun.

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So don’t be farming gold in GW2 and just realize you’re getting bored. Heck, you can buy GW2 gold and don’t farm them so as long as you’re enjoying the game. That’s what is the most important thing.

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