GW2 Gold: Programmer’s Letter

GW2 Gold: Programmer’s Letter

The world of MMORPG is notorious for having little to no response from the game company itself whether it be you want to contact support for a bug or from the developers on something you, us, players suggest on how to make the make the game better (more GW2 Gold please lol). We get angry, frustrated, disappointed, and any other word that describes your utter disgust on how you need to beg to them before the game company responds to you.

GW2 Gold: Something New

Well, not this time. I have come across a thread in Reddit that has a developer sharing his story on how he joined ArenaNet and his life during that time. It is rare to read something coming directly from their developers and how life was while working on a game you love that developer was a part of. This is quite refreshing and it is something new. Written by the developer ArenaColin himself:

I didn’t plan to write something like this but due to an overwhelming response from friends around the industry and folks from this great community it has become clear to me proper closure requires a real goodbye. Today is my last day at ArenaNet, so here goes nothing…

Eleven years ago ArenaNet took a chance on me. The company’s very first ever game: Guild Wars (Prophecies) needed a game designer to build the bulk of the quests with just a few months left till ship. The offer came on a Friday and required I fly to Seattle from Virginia and be there by Monday morning to start working. On a recommendation from my friend Lewis who was a coder at ArenaNet – I quit my job and jumped on that plane. I flew with what clothes I could bring in a few suitcases and a sleeping bag. I rented an apartment I didn’t have time to furnish and with my sleeping bag as a bed, I set to work banging out the quests. One of the first quests I got to work on involved a little girl named Gwen who needed you to recover her lost flute, I would never have guessed the legacy she would have.

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That is only the first part of his story. You want more of his story? I know I do. I would even Buy GW2 Gold just to read the rest of this. Wait for the continuation on my next article!

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