GW2 Gold: Profession Guide

GW2 Gold: Profession Guide

Every little guide and technique in an MMORPG is very helpful. Do you search for these guides and secrets in the MMORPG you play like Guild Wars 2? In GW2, these guides can definitely make GW2 Gold farming a lot easier. No they are not cheats. They are just guidelines to the most efficient ways to do stuff in the game.

GW2 Gold: For Example

Like this one, this is a very nice guide from ChronoPie, who posted in Reddit on “How to Hit Exactly 100% Crit Chance on Every Profession”. Enjoy!

With the recent changes to stat infusions, making them much cheaper than before, it has become a little bit more viable to completely minmax your effective power. With the exception of a few low ferocity builds, the optimal effective power comes from hitting exactly 100% crit chance on a build, once fury, banner of discipline and spotter are applied. However, in all honesty, the main benefit of this is the small amount of satisfaction that comes from having a nice round number on the hero panel.

Now, according to the wiki, in order to reach 100% (99% on the hero panel, which is incorrect), you need a total of 2995 precision. Subtract the amount you get from banner of discipline(170), spotter(150) and fury(20*21=420), and you reach 2255, which is the number we will be aiming for. Note that sigil of accuracygives the equivalent of 147 precision, meaning we will need to aim for 2108 base precision if we are using it.

Also, you may be able to fiddle around with these builds, exchanging power for ferocity or vice versa, to push the effective power a bit higher. However, due to the randomness of assassin’s presence in most raid groups, I wouldn’t consider it viable to do the maths on.

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I don’t know if you buy GW2 gold, will make this any faster but this guide makes a lot of sense. You should try this one out and let us know if it is legit!

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