GW2 Gold: Letter Continuation

GW2 Gold: Letter Continuation

The past weeks have been hell and I have not posted here for a long time now. Please forgive me for not posting for a while here. Let us not waste any more time and continue on with the developer’s letter that at least gave us some information on how a developer’s life is in ArenaNet. GW2 Gold information for you guys as usual!

GW2 Gold: Third Part

If you missed the previous parts, just kindly go into the list of posts so you can connect it with this one. Enjoy!

In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet gave me the incredible opportunity to lead the team that designed and prototyped the dynamic event system – it all started with a prototype sector we called Shaemoor. Shortly after that they took a chance on me again and let me lead the team that designed and built all of the game content that launched with Guild Wars 2. That team and those years together is another of my all time favorite memories. To those of you out there from that team who read this – I am so proud of you and the amazing things you accomplished – I am truly honored to have been able to have been your lead.

Around launch in the ultimate step of taking a chance on someone, they asked me to step away from my role as a game designer and hand my design team off to a new leadership team to become the PR and media facing voice of the game as the game director for Guild Wars 2. A position where I’ve got to take the credit for everyone else’s hard work ever since 😉

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It must have been a great experience to handle the team who developed the content for Guild Wars 2. And LOL on the last sentence for this part. I am pretty sure that was a joke and hopefully you guys did as well.

Enjoyed this part? Look forward for the last part next time! I would buy GW2 Gold for that stuff!

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