GW2 Gold: Fun?

GW2 Gold: Fun?

Let us take a quick look on another Q&A post in Guild Wars 2. It is very interesting on how people and players ask different questions about gameplay, story, how to get GW2 gold, etc.

GW2 Gold: Question

Here is a post by keghi11 in the Guild Wars 2 Reddit:

I know there is a Q&A section, but sorry for being selfish and still want to ask this same dumb question to the community.

I play this game before but only for 2 weeks and my character only reach lvl 31, that time HOT just coming out, but I feel bored and quit, I think I play it in the wrong way.

So now due to sales I buy this game without thinking, but the problem is how should I enjoy this game?

I’m mostly a casual player, like to play alone, doing quest and explore, I’m not into social that much so I more prefer soloing in dungeons.

Any advise for a player like me to enjoy this game and please suggest the class that suitable for my play style, especially are easy to solo content, and I love crafting for my own gear. Time frame is OK for me, I like to take things slowly as long its perfect.

If got any in store item that might help feel free to suggest, I do not have any problem with spending money for in game stuff.

I bet he did enjoy the game and would love to enjoy it more since he spent time posting this in Reddit. Not to mention, the curiosity and asking on how to enjoy Guild Wars 2. Please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments section.


One replied to his post and it is a very good reply I would like to share as well:

Enjoyment is subjective and as such nobody can tell you how to enjoy the game. That’s something you can only find out by playing it yourself.

Given your OP I’d suggest mapping core as your first goal, that means completing all the hearts, vistas and poi’s in each map, then move to the next. Use your UI compass and just slowly explore as you go. Class doesn’t really matter, some are more solo friendly than others but that’s really just semantics, they all solo fine in core so play whichever one you like the look of. If you want end-game examples of play-style I’d suggest searching on youtube for class guides and pick the class you like the look of when geared out and with a full build.

That’s the best advice I can give. gl & hf

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I fully agree. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Guild Wars 2 and you can ask every player that plays the game and for sure, they will answer differently every time. It is a matter of giving the game a chance and really getting to know the game. Also, having friends in the game really helps since you know, things get done easier with a team. Not to mention the game has the word guild in it. So hopefully he finds a pretty friendly guild to join to and be shown to the great parts of the game. Best of luck keghi11! Hopefully someone will buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you as well.

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