GW2 Gold: Bugs Life

GW2 Gold: Bugs Life

Bugs in a game, more in MMORPG’s, are not to be desired. They are instantly reported and should be fixed right away. Those bugs shouldn’t be in a game that you paid for, right? Well, at least for Guild Wars 2, it didn’t say it was included in the purchase of the game. Though they are not wanted in an MMORPG, some just come out funny. A bug suddenly pops out and it’s pretty hilarious. In a way, you wished that the bug was legitimately put by the developer for the lol. Like a funny bug in a boring daily farming of GW2 Gold, makes it at least not boring, right?

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GW2 Gold: Bugs You Love

So, are there any Guild Wars 2 bugs that you actually liked? I mean yeah they were not meant to be in the game but some really were too funny to not like when it existed in the game. I found a thread in Reddit discussing this and here are their thoughts:

The original poster, Ventriloquy, said that he liked the #5 Lightning Hammer skill stuns minis bug.

As for the others:

FrozenHydra posted:

Even though it was patched within a few hours my favorite bug was the mesmer falling damage trait doing a stupidly OP amount of damage, and you could have like 3 mesmers fall on a group of people in WvW and instantly kill them.

One replied to this comment for the video of the bug.

Illusionary_Mursaat posted:

Mine is that Thaumanova Reactor fractal turns your mini into an asura :p

This is somewhat frightening posted by Alcohol_Intolerant:

One of my favorites was when everyone started hearing “voices”. You would be walking around in a deserted map and hear an asura in downstate call out for help. You’d hear norn male gaining swiftness, female sylvari gaining retal, etc. All when you were by yourself. It took em a good 3 days to fix, but it was hysterical.

Do you remember a bug that you liked? Comment below if you remember one! Hopefully it’s not about the time you buy GW2 gold because that stuff is not funny.

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