GW2 Gold: Afraid of Being a Noob Online

GW2 Gold: Afraid of Being a Noob Online

Noob. Have you encountered this word? Who am I kidding? Of course, you did. It is either you have been called one or you called someone else one. This is the basic word used to call out someone being skill-less. Or when things get rough, 99.9% of the chance someone will blurt out this word directed at someone. Yeah, it is either you cannot finish the quest or you cannot beat an opponent. Heck, this is the most overused word to trashtalk anyone from the opposing team as well. So yeah, I didn’t know what I was thinking when I asked if you encountered the word. LOL.

GW2 Gold: The Effect of Being One

Well, sad to say, calling someone a noob might have a great impact on them. Yes you have to call out someone when they made a mistake or not performing well in a team’s standard. The derogative effect of the word noob worsens by the day. The effect of being called as a noob is quite underrated. The word might be the cheapest and most overused word in a heated exchange but the effects are real.

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Buy GW2 Gold: Personal Experience

I have a friend that sucks in any game that we play. Actually anything in his life, one way or another, he finds himself sucking at it. Anyways, back to gaming, he doesn’t do what his character / class / specialization is supposed to do. Heck, he is using the most powerful DPS in that MMORPG that I will not mention what and still he is the lowest player in our group parser. So, for the benefit of our team and of course for his development, we tried confronting him in a nice manner. First second of this very nice talk about his performance, he suddenly burst in anger as if we were ganging up on him and we were insisting he was a noob. We didn’t even tell him once that he was and our approach was nice. Apparently, his other group of gaming friends were calling him a noob thus he was very hostile as we were about to approach him in his performance. We thought those moments he was called a noob marked on his head and every time he sucks on a game, he takes offense. So then we realized there that getting called a noob sometimes has a big effect on someone.

Do you have a same experience in relation to the word noob? Don’t hesitate to share even it is your personal experience.

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