Guild Wars 2 Gold Not Dead

Guild Wars 2 Gold Not Dead

I have played a handful of games that literally died after I quitted playing it. For example, I was so addicted to Myth War, a turn-based MMORPG. I literally didn’t sleep just to play that game in my early college days. But there came the point that the game became so boring. People I played and grouped up daily didn’t login that much as well. So I thought about it, looking back, it was time to let go of the game. I did let go because it was dying. And it did. So I guess I have this skill in determining if the game is dying, I must quit before it really does. In relation to Guild Wars 2, is it dying or dead? My Guild Wars 2 Gold would be pretty much useless now if the game is dying. Let’s find out from people in Reddit.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: People Answered

I have consulted Reddit to see what people think and thank goodness there is a thread already for the topic. I know I have the ability to foresee if the game is dying but the thing is for GW2, I like the game so much that I might be being blinded by my bias that I don’t want it to die.

People generally assume any game they don’t play is dead.

This is absolutely true. Many people just comment or say that a game is dead because it is dead “for them”. Even if there is no truth with that claim, they still comment that it is dying or dead because they just don’t play the game.

The comment that is really on point is this one:

Everyone who plays MMOs say stuff like this. For example just because you quit guild wars 2 doesn’t mean everyone did. People like to think everyone thinks like them so when they get board of an MMO and stop playing it, they say that the MMO is dead. To them that is.

Just like everyone said WOW is dead, or Starwars, or ESO. All of those games have tons of players (in the millions) so they are far from dead. Only MMOs that are dead are the ones that shut down.

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So yeah, GW2 isn’t dead, there are just a lot of haters, I guess. Good to know that I won’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold so I can give them away to people as thanks for the fun memories in the game. We can still continue in making fun times in GW2!

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