Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 4

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 4

Last time, I shared to you guys the third part of the guide for newcomers in Guild Wars 2. Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interested in the recommendations on how to level, get Guild Wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The third part can be found here.

GW2 Gold: Continuation

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On the trading post, you’ll also notice that you can buy and sell other goods. Merchants are great for selling your junk, and some karma merchants and heart vendors are great for buying trinkets such as rings and amulets. But the trading post is where every tradable item in the game can be bought and sold. If you feel the need to, you can buy a full set of gear for your character on the trading post around level 50-60. You’ll want to look for yellow gear, as this is rare gear that has much better stats than white, blue, and green gear, the lowest, second lowest, and third lowest quality respectively. A lot of your gear from the personal story, karma vendors, and general loot however should suffice, especially considering that buying a full set of gear can be expensive. In fact many players don’t touch the trading post to buy gear until level 80, as you’ll need the exotic gear then, the highest gear, right after ascended quality gear. At this point, you may also want to look at world bosses as you can do a considerable amount of them already. Many of them spawn in lower level areas like Fire Elemental, Jungle Wurm, Shadow Behemoth, and the Svanir Shaman; these also grant experience and loot. The higher level you are, the more of these you’ll be able to do.

Buy GW2 Gold or not, you will be having lots of in-game currency at this point on and things will get easier but still, challenges await further in the game so stay tuned for more tips!

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