Guild Wars 2 Gold: Going Back

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Going Back

It is normal for a player to take a break from an awesome game like Guild Wars 2. From being an all-day player to “two to three hours a day” one because of who knows what real life responsibility you have to do. We all have experienced that, right? Well, if you haven’t, I am pretty sure you will unless you are a pretty rich person that has no responsibility coming your way. That would be infinite time for you to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold.

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Going back, what is worse than limited time playing the game you play all day is not being able to play at all. Normally, when you get into a hiatus, it would be at least a year’s duration. That would lead to you not knowing what is going on in the game, like this dude posting in Reddit:

Hi Reddit.

Back in the days, I have played the game quite excessively. I have played quite a bit of the Fractals and completed 100% of the main game exploration.

The last thing I remember is, that most of the people either played fractals, farmed the gold efficient fire dungeon, or farmed specific events and enemies for legendary ingredients.

Has this changed a lot? What should be the first thing I do, when I log in? Has the class balance changed a lot over time? (My PvE character is a guardian, but I have experience with every class in PvP)

So yeah, you know you have been gone in the game for so long when someone actually commented this:

Almost everything has changed since 2012. My advice, go and start fresh as a new player. Enjoy! \o/

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It would be the worst feeling if you realized that the gold you saved up before you quit can’t buy anything anymore and you have to buy Guild Wars 2 gold because of the inflation. Unless there was no inflation within four years of being away in the game.

Best of luck to MisterFlames in going back to GW2. Glad you’re back!

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