Last time, I shared to you guys the fifth part of the guide for newcomers in Guild Wars 2. Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interested in the recommendations on how to level, get Guild Wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The fifth part can be found here.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Once you hit level 80, everything becomes really fun as you’ll be able to go for more specific goals, do raids, do the full collection of dungeons and fractals, participate in all the world bosses, some requiring collective effort such as Tequatl, complete living world seasons, farm for masteries, explore the new Heart of Thorns content, and learn your new specialization which advances your class to gain more skills and traits.

Lastly, joining a guild or creating a guild of your own can make the game a lot more fun as more of the game will become open and relevant to you. You’ll be able to take part in guild missions, claiming your guild hall, leveling up your guild hall, decorating your guild hall, and much more!

And that’s pretty much it, I hope you enjoyed this guide, and found it helpful. If you did, I can also make a level 80 guide too! Check below for specific helpful links that are useful concerning world boss timers, crafting guides, and other helpful resources every GW2 player should know.

Here are some more added guides and tools in making things easier in GW2.

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Now that you’re well informed on things to come in Guild Wars 2, no more gold problems. No need to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and reaching max level will be a breeze! Enjoy!

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