Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 2

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Guide Pt. 2

Hello newcomers to Guild Wars 2! Here we continue the newcomer guide written by a player in Reddit. If you are interest in the recommendations on how to level, get guild wars 2 gold, etc., read on.  The first part can be found here.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Whenever you have the chance to do so, look for the green star on your map and top right corner of the screen to continue to advance the personal story. Your first run through the personal story can be interesting and fun, and gives you experience and levels really fast. At a certain point you’ll be gated from the remaining story until your high enough level again. If you’re ever lost and don’t know what to do, look in your Hero panel, find the Story Journal and see if you can continue your personal story and go to the green star on the map. This is the fastest way to level up. In between story quests you’re best off just roaming the map and finding points of interests, waypoints, vistas, hero points, and completing hearts. Look for orange circles as well on the map, these are dynamic events, and grant good amounts of experience as well.

At level 11, you’ll be able to use hero points to unlock new traits and skills. Don’t worry too much about what skills and traits are the best for your class; from now until level 80 is the time where you want to experiment with different skills, different weapons, and different armor stats to find your playstyle.

If you go into the PVP lobby by clicking the double sword icon, you can go to a merchant in the Heart of the Mists and buy all the weapons that are available to your class and try them out on the golems or class NPCs. Again, you’ll be boosted to level 80 and have all the skills and traits unlocked, but don’t worry too much about that just yet. If you do want to take an in-depth look at all the things available to you, perhaps you can even try your luck at playing PVP if you found a great combination of skills, traits, and gear setup. PVP will grant you Tomes of Knowledge that will grant you one level. If you’re not ready for PVP yet and just came here to try out the weapons then you can head back out.

Guild Wars 2 Gold, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold

You still aren’t forced to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold at this stage since you won’t be needing much gold. Still, you are free to do so if you are capable of doing so. We will continue on the next write-up.

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