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Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Continuation

If you have read the last article, I shared to you the first part of the letter of one of the earliest programmers of Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 gold material here. Enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Second Part

I knew it was a special place when I was immediately made a part of the family. No one ever treated me like an outsider who came in for the final months, I was made to feel like a true part of the team who was helping make something great and it was clear to me I had found a home. Shortly after the launch of Guild Wars, the company banded together to work on the most fun project I’ve ever been a part of in my gaming career: a free update to the game called Sorrow’s Furnace. So much pure joy and love was poured into that little update and most importantly the amazing friends who I got to work with on it will last with me forever.

As a game designer on Guild Wars ArenaNet continued to support me and let me take chances on wild ideas like a Mad King who told jokes for Halloween (thanks for the jokes James!), an iron forgeman, rollerbeetle racing, a Grenth vs. Dwayna wintersday battle, dwarven boxing, Polymock, mimes galore, bog beasts, glint’s challenge, siege turtles, journey’s with Koss, a dungeon full of snowmen, an Elonan party, a lunar iron chef battle and so many more fun projects I can’t begin to remember them all. They took a chance on me again when they let me become the quest design lead for the Eye of the North (I love you team quest!). In my final project before moving to the Guild Wars 2 team, they took one last roll of the dice and give me a shot at being the lead designer of the bonus mission pack.

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Amazing. I have always assumed that a programmer would be like a robot towards the company they are working for, emotionless. I always think that they just do their job and that would be enough. It is refreshing to read this part that ArenaNet values the growth of their programmers and let them work freely within the boundaries of the project. Cool stuff. You would buy Guild Wars 2 gold for this kind of information and we got it for free!

To be continued…

GW2 Gold: Programmer’s Letter

GW2 Gold: Programmer’s Letter

The world of MMORPG is notorious for having little to no response from the game company itself whether it be you want to contact support for a bug or from the developers on something you, us, players suggest on how to make the make the game better (more GW2 Gold please lol). We get angry, frustrated, disappointed, and any other word that describes your utter disgust on how you need to beg to them before the game company responds to you.

GW2 Gold: Something New

Well, not this time. I have come across a thread in Reddit that has a developer sharing his story on how he joined ArenaNet and his life during that time. It is rare to read something coming directly from their developers and how life was while working on a game you love that developer was a part of. This is quite refreshing and it is something new. Written by the developer ArenaColin himself:

I didn’t plan to write something like this but due to an overwhelming response from friends around the industry and folks from this great community it has become clear to me proper closure requires a real goodbye. Today is my last day at ArenaNet, so here goes nothing…

Eleven years ago ArenaNet took a chance on me. The company’s very first ever game: Guild Wars (Prophecies) needed a game designer to build the bulk of the quests with just a few months left till ship. The offer came on a Friday and required I fly to Seattle from Virginia and be there by Monday morning to start working. On a recommendation from my friend Lewis who was a coder at ArenaNet – I quit my job and jumped on that plane. I flew with what clothes I could bring in a few suitcases and a sleeping bag. I rented an apartment I didn’t have time to furnish and with my sleeping bag as a bed, I set to work banging out the quests. One of the first quests I got to work on involved a little girl named Gwen who needed you to recover her lost flute, I would never have guessed the legacy she would have.

gw2 gold berserker p2

That is only the first part of his story. You want more of his story? I know I do. I would even Buy GW2 Gold just to read the rest of this. Wait for the continuation on my next article!

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reliving the Good News

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reliving the Good News

As the internet is filled with only complaints and hate posts about Guild Wars 2, I tried to search for some positive news about the MMORPG. Swimming through all the Guild Wars 2 Gold spams like “Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold”, I saw something that I can’t believe I didn’t know for the longest time (almost two years now).

This Made Me Smile

As a fan and player of Guild Wars 2, this wonderful news made my day brighter. It is a pearl on a sea of rocks. I saw this on a post from Reddit and here’s the good news:

Guild Wars® 2 Fastest-Selling MMOG in History

Phenomenal European and North American Sales Set Record-Breaking

Benchmark for Western Massively Multiplayer Online Games

BELLEVUE Wash. – 16th Aug, 2013: ArenaNet™, developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, and DFC Intelligence, a strategic market research and consulting firm focused on interactive entertainment, today announced that Guild Wars 2 ranks as the all-time fastest selling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in Europe North America and Europe, with territorial sales topping more than 3 million in the first nine months of availability.

“After triangulating against multiple data sources, it’s clear that Guild Wars 2 is the fastest-selling Western MMO of all time based on the first nine months of availability”, said analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence. “This puts Guild Wars 2 in an impressive position when they release in China, where we’ve seen similar franchises really take off”.

Guild Wars 2 is expected to experience rapid growth once it releases in China, where the player-base has the potential to exceed that of the West. To bring Guild Wars 2 to China, ArenaNet has partnered with KongZhong Corporation, a leading Chinese provider of digital entertainment services.

ArenaNet also announced a free trial for players looking to experience what millions of others are already enjoying. New players can create an account starting today and participate in a free trial from Fri., Aug. 23 (12:01am PDT) through Sun., Aug. 25. (11:59pm PDT). Players can register for free trial accounts here:

For more details about Guild Wars 2, visit

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Yup! Guild Wars 2 holds the record for the fastest-selling MMO in history now. That pretty much affirms how it was anticipated two years and is still played by players all over the world. Cheers to this and more power to Guild Wars 2!

GW2 Gold: Free To Play

GW2 Gold: Free To Play

Free is great, every time. It is quite good to get something without paying for anything. Agree? I bet my behind that you agree on that. No wonder that all free to play MMORPG’s explode in popularity every time one comes out. Imagine playing something that is free. It is like skipping the step of bringing out your wallet and taking out cash when going in an amusement park. That is not all, you can ride all you want and can, for free! Amazing isn’t it? That is how good of an attraction that free to play MMORPG’s present to millions and millions of players all over the world.

GW2 Gold: For Every Good, There is Bad

As much as we see the free to play games to be so enticing to play because we do not have to pay anything to play, there are so many bad things to this. The very first I would like to present is the content. I promise to you, free to play games will have no content at all. From stories to questing, you will find yourself searching for something out of nothing in a free to play MMORPG. If you are the type of player that appreciates in-depth story and most importantly, LATE GAME CONTENT, do not, I repeat, do not attempt to play a free to play MMORPG. Yeah you can level from level one to whatever the max level is but you then will realize, “Oh wow, I just max leveled a freaking character only to be stopped by nothing else (worth it) to do.” There’s PvP? I assure you even the PvP aspect of a  free to play MMORPG will only disappoint you. Just go play MOBA or FPS if you want to compete against other people.

GW2 Gold

Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold: More

Free to play MMORPG’s also have tendencies (actually it’s really happening) to have all gold sellers dominate your chatbox. With as cheap of a budget allotted for free to play MMORPG’s, I assume your chatbox will suck because the developers didn’t care about your UI preferences and you cannot turn off your trade chat or even block these gold sellers with “buy GW2 Gold” and all that crap. And no, I am not saying Guild Wars 2 is free to play. Guild Wars 2 is buy to play. There’s a big difference there and maybe I will tackle that on another article after I make a continuation of this free to play craziness.

GW2 Gold: The Burnout

GW2 Gold: The Burnout

When you play a game dedicatedly like Guild Wars 2, eventually you will find yourself getting bored with it. Burnout, that’s what it is. You will feel the burnout for you sucked the juices of the game every single day and think that it is time to maybe take a step back from it. Yeah, cool off that burnout for a bit.

GW2 Gold: What’s Next?

So what do you do? What will you replace to something that you got used to doing every day? Do something else in life? If you truly love gaming, don’t fool yourself in taking on a completely new hobby. You will kill yourself. You will find yourself wasting time. I don’t know, it is just me. It is comparable to smoking. You are so used to smoking a cigarette every day and once you stopped, you will get sick while experiencing withdrawal. This is based on experience. But yeah, it is possible to get into an absolutely different activity.

gw2 gold

Buy GW2 Gold: Choices

Yeah aside from adopting a new hobby, talking about a gaming standpoint, you can definitely play another game to take the burnout away from that game. Which game you might ask? A lot of them! So let us say you got tired of playing Guild Wars 2, pick a different genre of game or do not play another MMORPG. Get an offline solo player game that you can grind out again or just finish in one go. If you do not like playing alone in an offline game, again pick another genre of MMORPG. Let us say MOBA or FPS. It is much very close to Guild Wars 2 since the PvP aspect of GW2 is similar to MOBA or FPS. There is still competition but the feel between the two games are different, thus you will feel enjoyment. Even if you don’t like the new game you will be playing, it is still a good thing. Why? Because you will miss Guild Wars 2 all the more because you played a game that sucked more and eventually you will enjoy again in GW2. Before you switch games, you must at least think if you are going to quit Guild Wars 2 first. It is a waste if you will be quitting and not get something out of it. Yeah you got enjoyment but maybe more tangible? Like post buy Guild Wars 2 Gold from you or something. It is up to you.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Bad Names and Behaviors

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Bad Names and Behaviors

Assuming we are all adults or at least have experience playing MMORPG, we all have an idea on what not to do in the game. For Guild Wars 2, there are also set of rules that have to be followed. We are quite ignorant to these because it’s either we didn’t read it or just passed by it and ignored it. So if ever there is something that we did against the policies of Guild Wars 2, ignorance wouldn’t be an excuse.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Reminder from ArenaNet

This might be an old post coming from ArenaNet but it is still in good practice that we get reminded by it especially in creating character names and behaving inside the game. Here is the original reminder posted by ArenaNetSupportTeam from Reddit:

We want to clear up some of the confusion about GW2 name and behavior suspensions. To keep Guild Wars 2 a pleasant place to be, we take action against racist names, hate speech, and other unacceptable behavior. We have suspended some accounts involved in the use of offensive character names or inappropriate chat. The number of account blocks is miniscule: less than .001% of our total player base.

When an account is blocked for a chat offense, the account is given a three-day suspension. When an account is blocked for an offensive name, the player is required to rename the character name and, in most cases, the account is also given a three-day suspension.

We have reviewed all the name suspensions currently in place. Where we could give some leeway, we removed the account suspension, which will allow those players to rename the character and rejoin the game. However, for substantially offensive names, we will keep the full three-day suspensions in effect.

In a few posts on Reddit and on fan forums, players have claimed they were suspended for using a harmless-sounding character name, when in fact they were suspended for a different and truly offensive character name on their account. Others claimed that they were not told why they were suspended, but the game does give a message that states the reason for the suspension. In every case we have double-checked, the action taken on the account was appropriate.

However, we’d like to clear up any misconceptions. If you think you were unfairly suspended, or if you’d like to know the specific chat or character name that got you suspended, post your character name and we’ll reply in graphic detail with the reason for the block. Warning: NSFW ahead!

You can read our name policy here. You can get a lot of good info about GW2 support policies in this doc.

guild wars 2 pvp

Buy GW2 Gold

It is a good way to remind ourselves that even though living a life in the digital world, we still have to concern ourselves with the rules and regulations since there are other people as well playing the game. They might find it offensive or worse, they might feel that Guild Wars 2 is not a fun and safe environment anymore due to lack of application of the rules.

GW2 Gold: Afraid of Being a Noob Online

GW2 Gold: Afraid of Being a Noob Online

Noob. Have you encountered this word? Who am I kidding? Of course, you did. It is either you have been called one or you called someone else one. This is the basic word used to call out someone being skill-less. Or when things get rough, 99.9% of the chance someone will blurt out this word directed at someone. Yeah, it is either you cannot finish the quest or you cannot beat an opponent. Heck, this is the most overused word to trashtalk anyone from the opposing team as well. So yeah, I didn’t know what I was thinking when I asked if you encountered the word. LOL.

GW2 Gold: The Effect of Being One

Well, sad to say, calling someone a noob might have a great impact on them. Yes you have to call out someone when they made a mistake or not performing well in a team’s standard. The derogative effect of the word noob worsens by the day. The effect of being called as a noob is quite underrated. The word might be the cheapest and most overused word in a heated exchange but the effects are real.

gw2 gold making blah

Buy GW2 Gold

Buy GW2 Gold: Personal Experience

I have a friend that sucks in any game that we play. Actually anything in his life, one way or another, he finds himself sucking at it. Anyways, back to gaming, he doesn’t do what his character / class / specialization is supposed to do. Heck, he is using the most powerful DPS in that MMORPG that I will not mention what and still he is the lowest player in our group parser. So, for the benefit of our team and of course for his development, we tried confronting him in a nice manner. First second of this very nice talk about his performance, he suddenly burst in anger as if we were ganging up on him and we were insisting he was a noob. We didn’t even tell him once that he was and our approach was nice. Apparently, his other group of gaming friends were calling him a noob thus he was very hostile as we were about to approach him in his performance. We thought those moments he was called a noob marked on his head and every time he sucks on a game, he takes offense. So then we realized there that getting called a noob sometimes has a big effect on someone.

Do you have a same experience in relation to the word noob? Don’t hesitate to share even it is your personal experience.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: After Quitting, What Now?

Guild Wars 2 Gold: After Quitting, What Now?

In every MMORPG I play and played, I make sure that I make the most of the time I spend on them. It would be really unsatisfactory if I stay in a game that I haven’t fulfilled any of the following: my character or characters are geared, rich and/or popular in the server. So yeah, if ever I leave a game or take a break from it, I make sure one of those three is fulfilled.

Guild Wars 2 Gold: What If

In relation to the introduction, what if I quit or take a break from a game with uncertainty, what will I do with my account? Like, am I going to let it sit there without anyone playing it? Don’t I share it with another person who is willing to pilot my characters for free or let him use the account to create a new character to play with? Well, all of these questions are just thought by me right now. Yes, as in as I am writing this. So if I will be providing the answers, they are fresh out of the oven.

gw2 gold making blah

Buy GW2 Gold

Buy GW2 Gold: My Answers

Well, I play games when I don’t have real life responsibilities, that’s it. I don’t do anything else. Therefore, my accounts and characters in those accounts are my babies. In addition, I do not trust easily. I don’t think someone else can treat my babies the same care I do and giving other people access to them is worse than suicide, I think. LOL. But really, my answer is no, I won’t let anyone touch my account. It’s better for my characters and their currencies and items to rot in hell so as long as no one touches them. They are my hard earned treasures and what you reap is what you sow.

I realized to share you these thoughts because I saw a lot of posts about “Quitting Guild Wars 2, giving away all stuff”. So I was confused and clueless as to why they would do that. I mean, they earned it with their blood, sweat and tears then they will just give it away for free? At least get some incentive for your next endeavor for those stuff that you worked hard for. So yeah. How about you? Will you be like me or those people who give away their stuff or account if they’re going to quit a game?

GW2 Gold: Scholar Profession, Necromancer

GW2 Gold: Scholar Profession, Necromancer

Planning to farm GW2 Gold? Why not create a Necromancer and farm with it? Let’s see what a Necromancer in Guild Wars 2 is.

GW2 Gold: Overview

Here are some overviews coming from the Guild Wars 2 official website and Guild Wars 2 Wiki:

Practitioners of the dark arts, necromancers summon the dead, wield the power of lost souls, and literally suck the life force from the enemy. Necromancers feed on life force, which they can use to bring allies back from the brink or cheat death itself.

— Necromancer

Necromancers are masters of the dark arts. They summon the dead to fight for them, channel blood energy and rend their enemies’ souls. Necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others. As a scholar profession, necromancers wear lightarmor.

– Guild Wars 2 Wiki

So if you are into black magic and raising the dead to fight for you, Necromancer is the right fit! If you also like the “sucking the life out of the enemy”, literally, Necromancer is your type of profession in Guild Wars 2!

Let us take a look on some abilities and unique skill types c/o Guild Wars 2 Wiki:


Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 Gold: Abilities

Necromancers gather Life Force from nearby deaths that allows them to transform into Death Shroud which gives them access to different set of skills and enables them to use life force instead of their health.

Death Shroud – Assume a spectral form and gain new skills, turning your life force into health.

Necromancers have more health than other scholars; they not only are able to extend that health through the use of the Death Shroud, but also possess a wide variety of life stealing abilities, meaning the necromancer can potentially be a very sturdy profession. The necromancer is also great at inflicting debilitating or damaging conditions on enemies as well as removing conditions from allies and boons from enemies.

Necromancers also prominently make use of fear — a removable condition that forces the enemy to flee directly away from the caster for a short period of time.

Special skill types

  • Marks— Marks are ground-targeted spells that produce a variety of effects for allies and/or foes. A mark is placed at a location and will trigger after a foe steps on it.
  • Minions— The necromancer can summon undead minions to do their bidding and attack foes. Every minion-summoning spell has an associated sequence skill that appears after the minion has been summoned. These additional skills range from consuming the minion to gain health to making them charge at foes to knock them over.
  • Spectral— Spectral skills are exclusive to necromancers, involving the use of otherworldly spectral energy. All Spectral skills grant life force.
  • Corruption— Corruption skills are double-edged swords, applying conditions to both the necromancer and the target(s) when cast.

With all the life steals and summons of undead, Necromancers pretty much are hard to kill. You don’t want to face a Necromancer but you would like to have one on your side. So what are you waiting for,

GW2 Gold: Scholar Profession, Elementalist

GW2 Gold: Scholar Profession, Elementalist

We took a look on Mesmer already under the group of scholars in Guild Wars 2. Now let us take a look on one of the remaining two Scholars, the Elementalist.

Buy GW2 Gold: Overview

Elementalists are multi-faceted spellcasters that channel elemental forces, making fire, air, earth, and water do their bidding. What they lack in physical toughness, they make up in versatility and the ability to inflict massive damage in a single attack.


Elementalists have harnessed Tyria’s natural forces. Their powers of destruction are drawn from an affinity with the four elements that make up the world. They conjure air, fire, earth or water to assault their enemies. As a scholar profession, elementalists wear light armor

  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki

As said by the overview from and Guild Wars 2 wiki, Elementalists control the powers of, well, elements, different of them. They can manipulate air, fire, earth or water to beat opponents. They are like mages on steroids because they are not limited to one element.

Let us take a look on some abilities and unique skill types c/o Guild Wars 2 Wiki:


The Elementalists have unique power to attune to different elements that changes their weapon skills based on the element.

 Fire Attunement – Attune to fire, gaining heavy damage and burning abilities.

 Water Attunement – Attune to water, gaining superior support and healing abilities.

 Air Attunement – Attune to air, gaining heavy damage and control abilities.

 Earth Attunement – Attune to earth, gaining superior damage-over-time and defensive abilities.

When one of these attunement skills is activated, the weapon skills of the player change based on the equipped weapon(s) and the chosen element. Because these attunements can be freely swapped even while in combat, effectively giving access to four different weapon skill sets, elementalists do not have access to weapon swapping like most other professions. They also have the lowest basehealth in comparison to other professions, so they have to make up for their lack of durability under fire by managing their attunements and skills carefully and avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations. They also are very versatile, able to easily adopt a support or damage role.

Elementalist specializations are also rather unique in that each of the them directly improve one of the attunements. For instance, the Fire Magic specialization mostly improves use of fire attunement spells.


Buy GW2 Gold

Elementalists are very versatile as they can change roles by switching attunement to elements. As different situations demand, Elementalists can easily adapt by just shifting element type.

So if you like going pew-pew from afar with magic that can be a healer or support at the same time, try out Elementalist now in Guild Wars 2!